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Deblock Oil - is a mix of quick rust dissolvers and lubricants, which has a high penetrating effect due to its low surface tension and is therefore perfectly capable of dissolving tightly seized parts in the least accessible places.
Repaplast - is a dual component product especially designed for quick repairing and gluing of almost every type of modern plastic. Repaplast adheres perfectly to all kinds of plastic and lacquered or bare metal parts. The product dries very quickly, as a result of which it can be further processed after just 10 minutes.
Our most popular products in this sector are:
Repaplast - is the product of choice throughout the industry to permanently repair any damaged plastics through the vehicle. It consists of a dual component product, made especially for quick repair.
De-Block OilDo you have problems with seized metal?  Well De-Block Oil, nicked names "Paul Danials in a Can" will work wonders for you.  It contains graphite and has a strong capillary actions working in the tiniest of areas.
Total Power Grease - is an extremely high-quality grease, which due to its excellent pressure resistance and temperature range, is ideal as a universal lubricant.  Our customers love this product for greasing up the curtain sliders as it does not gather at the end of the rail.
Do you work in the Trucking or Haulage business? For years Innotec have worked with and developed products with truckers and hauliers alike. We now offer a whole range of products for this industry and its professionals.

Innotec will be exhibiting at the commercial vehicle show 2012! We will be bringing lots of exciting products to demo and be on hand to answer any questions you might have. We hope to see you all there.
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