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  • Dust Removers (12pk)

Dust Removers (12pk)

Dust Removers are flexible needles made from stainless steel. These needles have been specially developed to remove dust from recently sprayed, wet lacquer. Dust Removers are a professional aid for the sprayer who is looking for a perfect end result.

With a Dust Remover it is very simple to remove dust particles from the wet lacquer. The needles have miniscule barbs on the ends to which the dust particles stick as soon as they are touched. The needles are so thin that the wet lacquer flows together again without causing damage after the dust particle is removed.

The Dust Removers are supplied in a handy plastic dispenser, which prevents them from getting damaged. They come in packs of 12.
- Flexible needles made from stainless steel.
- Perfect for removing dust particles from wet lacquer.
- Does not damage the lacquer.
Dust Removers (12pk)
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