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Foam Spot Pad

The Innotec Spot Pad Foam is a professional cleaning pad made of high-quality PU foam. The Spot Pad Foam was specially designed for dedicated mechanical polishing, finishing and shining of nearly all types of painted surfaces.
The Spot Pad Foam is fitted with rounded edges for perfectly balanced and vibration-free performance. The rounded edges perfectly follow the contours and shape of the surface. The solid PU foam of the Spot Pad Foam will not deteriorate when used in relatively dry and hot conditions.

The Spot Pad Foam is provided with a nylon backing with solvent-resistant and waterproof glue joints. This makes that the high-quality glue joints are not affected by detergents containing solvents and the pad can be rinsed in water. When mounted onto the Innotec Spot Pad Support with its sturdy Velcro straps, flawless use will be guaranteed.

The Spot Pad Foam is a carefully selected pad leading to professional results when used in combination with Innotec Easy Polish and the Innotec Spot Pad Wool.

The Innotec Spot Pad Foam is supplied in an economical container with 6 pads.
Method of use:
Attach the Spot Pad Foam to the Spot Pad Support. Apply an adequate amount of polish to the pad and treat the surface. Set the speed anywhere in between 900 to 1500 revolutions and carefully treat the surface in a regular motion until the desired result is achieved. Slightly moisten the Spot Pad Foam with water after the last polish treatment and treat the surface while applying minimal pressure to achieve maximum shine. Let dry after treatment before rubbing off the product with a dry and wipe.
-Perfect size for spot applications.
-Also ideal for use with battery powered polishers, drills and angle polishers.
-High-quality PU foam.
-Suitable for nearly all types of painted surfaces.
-Fitted with rounded edges.
-Perfectly balanced and vibration-free.
-Perfectly follows the contours and shape of the surface.
-Glue joints of nylon backing are solvent-resistant and waterproof.

Please note that this product can take up to two weeks for delivery depending on stock. 

Foam Spot Pad
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