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Pressure Pot Gun

The Pressure Pot Gun is a unique pressurised pot gun used to imitate original OEM coating structures and wax treatments in a professional and very simple manner.

The Pressure Pot Gun is made of high-quality and durable materials. Thanks to its special construction, it is possible to imitate a large variety of different structures with a minimum of steps. The gun is made in such a way that opened cartridges can be kept for a long time. The important advantage with this is that the gun does not have to be cleaned as frequently.

The Pressure Pot Gun is specially developed for use with Innotec Mutliflex Coating HS Black and Grey and High Temp Wax. A special extension kit is available for wax treatments and cavities.

The best result is obtained when the Pressure Pot Gun is used at an air pressure of between 2 and 4 bar.

Several replacement parts are available to service the Pressure Pot Gun:


- Very simple to imitate original OEM coating structures.
- Can be used for wax treatments.
- Professional end result
- Made from high-quality materials.
- Very simple to set up.
- Almost maintenance free.
- Opened cartridges can be kept in the gun
Pressure Pot Gun
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