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Linen Tape

Linen Tape is a specially developed self-adhesive textile tape for original OEM wrapping of cables. Linen Tape consists of woven plastic with a lightly vulcanised layer of glue, making it soft, strong and water-resistant.
Electrical components and cables of all kinds are often fitted in cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, etc., as an afterthought. As a result of vibrations these cables and electrical components often cause unpleasant noises. Linen Tape is sound insulating and reduces these vibrations.

Therefore the Linen Tape is a perfect product for composing and protecting cables, socket connections and cable splits, and thus preventing annoying rattles and vibrations.

In addition, the product is extremely well suited to preventing the cabling from tearing on sharp parts often found in areas where the wires are placed.

Linen Tape has a layer of glue offering limited initial adhesion, as a result of which the product can be cleanly worked and will not attach too quickly to surrounding surfaces. The product will only start to adhere when pressed. Due to its slightly vulcanising effect the tape will not loosen under the influence of heat.

Linen tape is available in the width of 19 mm. This means it can be used immediately for most applications.

Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease.
Method of use:
Linen Tape should be applied with a constant 50% overlap.
-Ideal for just about every type of cable bundling.
-Easy to use.
-Slightly vulcanising.
-Sound insulating; reduces vibrations.
-Gives an original OEM result.
-Has good water resistance.
Linen Tape
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