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Self Sealing Tape

Self-sealing Tape is a solid, vulcanising tape activated by stretching, which fuses to form a homogenous, completely airtight and watertight mass after use. The product is perfectly suitable for spitting, joining and insulating electrical cables up to 45,000 volts. 

Self-Sealing Tape is an excellent help for building electrical components into cars, trucks, boats, motor bikes, switch boxes, etc. Many of these components are fitted as an afterthought. Except for the interior, many of the wires for these components are found on the outside, where they are exposed to all kinds of mechanical influences and the effects of dampness, dirt and salt. 

Self-Sealing Tape protects the electrical components and cables against all these influences and even against solvents and diesel. It is therefore excellent for cables, socket connectors, and cable separation, or sealing off the ends of the frequently used shrink sleeve. 

Self-Sealing Tape does not contain glue, as a result of which the product is very clean to work with. Due to its vulcanising properties, the Self-Sealing Tape can be used perfectly in places where cabling and electrical components are subject to heat. Under these circumstances the product will not come loose. 

Self-Sealing Tape can also be used for emergency repairs to a broken pipeline or cable. 

The roll of Self-Sealing Tape is fitted with a nylon cover, keeping the layers perfectly separated and guaranteeing an extremely long pot life. 

Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease.
Method of use:
Cut or tear off the required length and remove the protective film. Stretch the tape and apply with a 50% overlap.
- Vulcanising, as a result of which the tape fuses together. 
- Does not loosen under the effect of heat. 
- Insulates to 45,000 volts. 
- Solvent, acid, water, salt, and dirt resistant. 
- No tacky / easy to use. 
- Suitable for emergency repairs of cooling water hoses and tubes.   
Self Sealing Tape
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