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Innoflex Sealer H20

Innoflex Sealer H2O is an innovative water-based brush-on seam sealer to professionally seal body parts to an original OEM structure. Thanks to its unique composition, the product is odourless and retains its elasticity. Moreover, it has excellent adhesion to almost any surface. Can be painted over with most modern paint systems after 20 minutes already.

Innoflex Sealer H2O can be brushed to an OEM structure without trailing or shrinking. During curing, Innoflex Sealer H2O retains the structure applied to it. It does not spread out, or crack, and shows only minimal shrinkage. The product also has a neutral odour.

Innoflex Sealer H2O retains its elasticity, and, thanks to its firm adhesion, offers perfect protection for the surface. Thanks to its fast curing Innoflex Sealer H2O can be sprayed over after a short time with almost any modern paint system (both water-based and solvent-based), and the original structure applied will remain intact.

The joints on the inside and outside of a vehicle all leave the factory with a brushed sealant. In the event of damage, or for other repair or construction jobs, Innoflex Sealer H2O is the best low VOC and odourless product for returning the finish to its original state.

For best results it is recommended to use the Nylon Brush.

The handy 750 ml tins make Innoflex Sealer H2O very economical and easy to use. The special, patented fastening lid ensures that the brush can be easily wiped without the sealant getting on the fastener. This means that the lid can be properly closed, that the product can be kept longer, and that the lid can be easily opened again.

- Very easy to spread. 
- Does not string.
- Low VOC.
- Preservation of the original OEM structure.
- Fast drying, can be sprayed over quickly.
- Excellent slump resistance.
- Retains its elasticity.
- Extremely Strong adhesion.
- Neutral odour.

Innoflex Sealer H20
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