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Innolock Gel

Inno-Lock is an anaerobic thread locker developed in accordance with the latest technology in this field and deliverable in three different strengths: Medium, Strong and Extra Strong.

Inno-Lock is highly suitable to lock screw threads, thereby allowing later dismantling, but it is also very well suited for providing a permanent lock for bolts and threads with a large diameter and pitch. Moreover, Inno-Lock can be perfectly used for locking brake discs, calipers, drive shafts and carrying arms.

Inno-Lock offers a reliable connection without using primers and/or activators and can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, either galvanised or untreated.

Inno-Lock prevents parts from loosening due to vibration and thus often makes lock washers and lock nuts superfluous. Another advantage of the product is that it seals and helps prevent corrosion.

Inno-Lock is deliverable in three different strengths, each one with its own area of application and clearly recognizable from the colour of the label.

- Inno-Lock Medium (Blue) -

For medium strong locking of threads. Used instead of self-locking nuts. Resistant to shocks and vibrations for threads up to 6 mm in thickness. Easy disassembly (prevailing torque: 13-22 Nm).
- Inno-Lock Strong (Red) -

For strong locking of threads from 6 up to 10 mm in diameter. Disassembly is possible, but requires some effort (prevailing torque: 22-33 Nm).
- Inno-Lock Extra Strong (Green) -
For very strong locking of bearings and screw threads of more than 10 mm in diameter. Disassembly is difficult (prevailing torque: 23-40 Nm). In its unique non-drip packaging Inno-Lock is user-friendly and easy to apply. The product is perfectly locked up in the bottle preventing it from being contaminated, as a result of which quality remains optimal. Thanks to the pump-bottle the product can be dosed and applied extremely accurately. In addition to this, also the right fluidity of the product makes it easy to apply Inno-Lock locally without disturbing the capillary action.
Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Clean metal surfaces with Innotec Multisol or Innotec Power Clean.
Method of use:
The quantity of glue, necessary to prevent play in the connection, is applied to the parts. With blind tap connections the tap thread needs to be well greased. Superfluous glue remains liquid and can be easily removed.
- Unique non-drip packaging.
- Gel-based thread locker.
- Optimal shelf life.
- Easy to use in all positions (so also upside down).
- Uniform colour indication.
- Prevailing torque clearly mentioned on the packaging.
- Cost-reducing; often removes the need for locking washers and locking nuts.
Innolock Gel
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