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Anti Slip Coating

Anti slip Coating is a ready-to-use single-component product to provide a slip and wear resistant coating for various surfaces such as workshop floors, platforms, stairs, scaffolds, M.O.T rollers etc. Anti slip Coating is dust dry after 1 hour. After full curing, the product provides a wear resistant coating that perfectly resists oils, petroleum, water, detergents, diluted acids, alkalis and salts.

These properties make Anti slip Coating also particularly suited for bordering loading ramps and applying security indications on fork-lift trucks, movable scaffolds, cranes and other rolling stock.

Thanks to its unique chemical composition, Anti slip Coating can be applied directly out of the can without previous mixing. The product being applied will always have the same homogeneous composition, as a result of which the treated surface will never show structural differences afterwards.

In a lot of cases Anti slip Coating can be applied directly on the surface to be coated. It is however recommended to provide the surface with an undercoating by means of a primer. Anti slip Coating has been developed so that it goes perfectly together with existing Innotec products. Depending on the type of surface, the following Innotec products can be used for pre-treatment: Construction Primer for painted surfaces, steel and other metals, Repaplast Primer for plastics, and Seal Guard for glass. Anti slip Coating can thus be applied on almost all surfaces without the need to buy a separate primer.

Another important advantage is that the product can be applied on any surface (flat, curved, structure) and in any form, length or width. Anti slip Coating is easy to use: depending on the size of the surface to be treated it can be applied using a nylon brush, a spatula, a filling-knife or a smoothing trowel.

The handy 1 litre cans make Anti slip Coating very user-friendly and very simple in use. The special cover with patent lock ensures that the brush / spatula can be easily wiped off without the coating getting on the lock. This means that the can can be properly closed, that the product can be kept longer, and that the cover can be easily opened again.

Surface preparation:
On highly absorbent surfaces, it is recommended to pre-treat with Innotec Imprisol Primer. For a better adhesion on plastics, use Innotec Repaplast Primer New Formula. Metal surfaces should be pre-treated with Innotec Construction Primer.
Method of use:
Directly out of the packaging using a spatula or nylon brush.
- Viscous solution.
- Easy to spread.
- Does not string.
- Retains its elasticity.
- Quick-drying.
- Excellent adhesion.
- Simple in use, no need to mix.
- Dries at room temperature.
- Excellent water resistance.
- Very good UV resistance.

Please note this product may take up to two weeks for delivery, depending on stock. 
Anti Slip Coating
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