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Liquid Glass

 Liquid Glass is a crystal-clear and scratch-resistant 1-component flow-coating specially developed for protecting transparent plastic parts against all kinds of weathering effects, UV and mechanical loads as well as repairing the transparent plastic parts already affected. Thanks to its unique composition, Liquid Glass can be used without primer.
Liquid Glass has been specially developed for the automotive sector, where headlights are nowadays made of plastic, covered with a protective coating. If, after some time, the coating becomes weathered/discoloured due to UV rays and pollution such as acid rain, salt and dirt on the road, Liquid Glass is the ideal solution to give a new, long-lasting shine to the headlight.
After curing, the product provides a scratch and wear resistant coating that meets the OEM specifications, resists weathering and does not yellow. This way Liquid Glass improves light output and thus enhances road safety as well as the aesthetic value of the car.
The special 60 ml pressure can makes Liquid Glass very user-friendly. The product is not sprayed or atomized, but applied using the flow-coating method. It can be applied without using a primer, dries quickly and has good filling properties. Moreover, Liquid Glass is very economical. The 60 ml content is sufficient for a full treatment of 1 headlight.
- High-quality flow-coating based on microhybrid polysiloxane.
- Quick-drying with good filling properties.
- Excellent resistance to weathering.
- Long-lasting shine.
- Dust dry after 10 minutes.
- Very high efficiency.
Liquid Glass
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