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Dom Mee -

The Best Kept Secret in the Business!!

Dom Mee Maritime Explorer has endured 10 hurricanes and 4 typhoons in a career of maritime expeditions around the globe.

When operating offshore, he knows it is essential to have the very best equipment that can stand up to the rigors of the heaviest of ocean weather and has used Innotec products in all of his expeditions.
Adheseal has been used on several occasions for sealing and fixing, as you can imagine it’s impossible to get things dry mid-ocean and Adheseal still works in the wettest conditions, in fact it’s pretty amazing.”
Multi Spray 1000 has been used to waterproof electrical systems on board, and to recover electrical equipment which has been exposed to water. Electrics or electronics that have been swamped by sea water just spray MS1000 on and let the magic happen.”

I believe that every water user should have a can of MS1000, I was able to keep my boat’s electrics alive during Hurricane Katrina on the Grand Banks and it became one of the most important items I had on board.”

Multi Spray 1000

Multi Spray 1000 is a light lubricant with strong moisture repelling properties that loosens heavy moving parts and protects against corrosion. The product repels moisture by permeating between the surface and the water, and therefore protecting the surface.

Electrical connections are usually found in places where they are exposed to the effects of weather, dirt, grease and salt. Due to the protective action of Multi Spray 1000 corrosion can be prevented to sockets, electrical connections, battery poles, distributor caps and ignition systems.

Electrical contacts already dirtied or affected can be cleaned effectively first with Contact Clean, before applying Multi Spray 1000 for effective protection.

Multi Spray 1000 is a perfect product for protecting plastic parts against weathering. Thanks to the product's penetrating power, weathered plastic can be restored to its original condition. Multi Spray 1000 gives the plastic a natural shine in the process.

Thanks to its aerosol packaging Multi Spray 1000 is extremely user friendly and easy to apply. The extra nozzle and tube supplied with the product make it very easy to apply in places which are difficult to access.

Click Here to view our MS1000 Food Safety Certificate.

Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry, free of grease and non-corroded.
Method of use:
Shake can well before use. If using as a lubricant, spray the product directly onto the part for lubrication. If using as a plastic and rubber protector, spray the product directly on the surface (distance 15-20 cm) or apply it with a cloth or sponge. For a beautiful shine, polish the plastic with a clean, dry Multi Wipe.
- Ideal as a lubricant for locks, tools, cables, etc.
- Keeps rubber and plastic supple and smooth without silicones.
- Cleans and protects tools, engine parts, skis, boats, machinery, etc.
- Protects electrical connections for a very long time.
- Silicon free!
- Perfect for use in difficult-to-access places.
Multi Spray 1000
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