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PE100 is specially developed to protect plastics against outside elements. The product penetrates into the molecular structure of the plastic, so it offers protection and permanent flexibility from the inside out, and helps the plastic retain its natural shine.
These days, vehicles use a lot of plastic. Due to weathering, by UV light and the effects of salt, for example, this plastic can slowly become brittle and take on a weathered appearance. This process takes place very quickly in the case of unlacquered plastic. Due to the intensive protection of PE100 it can be slowed, thereby extending the life of the plastic.
In addition to this protection, treatment with PE100 also gives these parts a much fresher look.
PE100 is also extremely well suited to protecting electronic systems against humidity. The product forms a water-repellent layer and in this way helps protect against corrosion.
Due to its excellent lubricating properties PE100 is a perfect product for removing squeaks and creaks in the interior and dashboard.
Thanks to its aerosol packaging PE100 is extremely user-friendly and easy to apply. The extra nozzle and tube supplied with the product make it very easy to apply in places which are difficult to access.
Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry, free of grease and non-corroded.
Method of use:
Shake can well before use. If using as a lubricant, spray PE100 directly onto the part for lubrication. If using as a plastic and rubber protector, spray PE100 directly on the surface (distance 15-20 cm) or apply with a cloth or sponge. For a beautiful shine, polish the plastic with a clean, dry Multi Wipe.
- Clear liquid, therefore virtually invisible. 
- Simple to apply. 
- Repels moisture. 
- Long-term effect. 
- Protects plastics against discolouration. 
- Makes rubbers supple and prevents them from freezing. 
- Protects ignition systems against failures due to dampness.

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