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Anti Seize

Anti Seize is a copper lubricant, resistant to high temperatures. On metals it forms a tightly sealed protective layer, which does not give way and cannot be burnt off. It simplifies assembly and disassembly and prevents parts from seizing.

When first applied the product is liquid, allowing it to penetrate deep between the parts. When the propellant disappears it leaves a beautiful, solid and pressure-resistant grease behind.

Many mounting points are subject to weathering, and it is important to spray them with Anti Seize to make the task of disassembly easier.

The temperature range is very wide (-30°C to +1100°C), making this product extremely well suited to brake components. These parts can be subject to high temperatures. Anti Seize can be used on the back of brake shoes to prevent warping. The copper particles in the Anti Seize transfer the heat from the brake disc to the calliper. It also removes friction between the metal parts of the brake blocks and calliper, preventing the squeal of metal on metal when the brakes are pressed.

Anti Seize is not suitable for ABS braking systems. Ceramic Grease is the best alternative for this.

Anti Seize is highly pressure resistant. In addition, the product is water-repellent and therefore helps prevent rust. The product does not affect rubbers or plastics.

Anti Seize is also extremely well suited to the mounting of bolts or screws with damaged threads. Thanks to the addition of metals the product has a tapping effect, thereby preventing further damage.

Thanks to its aerosol packaging Anti Seize is extremely user friendly and easy to apply. The extra nozzle and tube supplied with the product make it very easy to apply in places which are difficult to access.

Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry, free of grease and non-corroded. Clean surfaces with Innotec Multisol or Innotec Power Clean.
Method of use:
Shake spray can well before use. Apply the product to the part for lubrication either with the spray tube or with the standard nozzle, depending on the application. Leave a short time to evaporate. After use, invert can and spray until clear to clean the nozzle.
- Simple to apply.
- Simplifies assembly and disassembly.
- Forms a tightly sealed protective layer on metals.
- Protects motor parts, exhaust systems, screws, bolts, nuts, bearings, gear wheels, control levers, brake components, battery poles and all parts exposed to water and corrosion.
- Reduces friction on all moving parts.
- Wide temperature range (-30°C to +1100°C).
Anti Seize
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