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Jamie Shaw - Pimp My Ride UK

"We find Innotec products are simply perfect for every application, whether its cleaning up or lubricating to finally joining products PERMANENTLEY, we use Innotec because we find they simply do a perfect job. Every time!!!”

White Grease

White Grease is a high-quality, water and heat resistant white grease. Thanks to its exclusive formula, it protects against corrosion and offers a long-lasting lubrication. Ideal for striker plates, window regulators, hinges, cogs, pedals, bearings, etc. 

As a result of these properties White Grease is well suited to the lubrication of parts in which metal rubs on metal or where a specifically white grease is required. 

What typifies maintenance work is the large variety of lubricating points. Due to its white appearance, White Grease is ideal for the visible lubrication of door catches, window mechanisms, pedals, hinges, gear wheels, chains, brake parts, etc. 

Another big advantage with the product is that it is viscostatic. This means that it adapts to the temperature. When it gets warmer the product gets thicker, and when it gets colder the product gets thinner, thereby guaranteeing optimal lubrication at all times. 

White Grease is very resistant to high pressure and temperatures of up to 160°C. Due to its special composition the product is water-repellent and offers good protection against corrosion, whereas it does not affect rubber and plastic. 

The aerosol can has a special unbreakable nozzle and small tube. This means the can can be used in any position. This is a huge advantage with difficult-to-access places such as lubrication points on the underside of machinery. 
Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry, free of grease and non-corroded. Clean surfaces with Innotec Multisol or Innotec Power Clean.
Method of use:
Shake well before use. Spray directly on the part to be lubricated and leave a short time to evaporate.
- High-quality product. 
- Easy to apply; aerosol sprays in all positions. 
- Heat resistant (-30°C to +160°C) and can therefore be used in engine compartments, engine rooms, etc. 
- Viscostatic; the product becomes thicker at higher temperatures. 
- Perfectly resistant to hot and cold water. 
- Free of acid, therefore safe for plastic fixed pivots and pivoting points. 
- Lasting lubrication; does not cure.   
White Grease
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