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Tyre Lube

Tyre Lube is a high-quality lubricant for (de)mounting rubber parts such as car tyres, window rubbers, etc. Specially designed for professional (de)mounting of all modern tyres such as Runflat and PAX, truck, tractor, forklift and motorcycle tyres, both on steel and on delicate light-metal rims. Dries evenly without leaving unpleasant white marks.    

Thanks to its unique formula, Tyre Lube provides excellent lubrication and reduces the frictional resistance of all rubber parts. As a result, mounting and demounting of almost any type of tyre becomes easier and the risk of damage to rims and tools is minimised. 

The handy aerosol can, with special nozzle, allows for a highly efficient dispersion of the product making it also perfectly suitable for pulling wires and cables through conduits and cable ducts as well as mounting and demounting rubber hoses and sleeves.

Tyre Lube has a pleasant smell and does not affect aluminium, rubber or paint.
 - High-quality lubricant for (de)mounting all kinds of rubber.
- Can be used in all positions.
- Designed for Runflat and PAX tyres.
- Frequently used for truck, tractor, forklift and motorcycle tyres.
- Prevents slippage of the rim in the tyre.
- Transparent colour and pleasant smell.
- Dries up completely without leaving any residue or mark.
- Also suitable for silent blocks, torsion rubbers, rubber hoses, door and window rubbers.
- Good ageing resistance.
Tyre Lube
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