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Will Haines -

I was having trouble finding an appropriate lubricant for the winch gears on my winch challenge land rover. I needed something which would offer good protection to the gears but would allow the winch to free spool quickly as normal thick grease slows it down. Our innotec rep suggested dry lube, at first I was sceptical but after rigorous testing (abuse!) my winch gears have stayed clean and have very little wear. Dry lube has stood up to high temperatures and my winches being fully submerged in muddy water. I strip, clean and re grease my winches after every off road session and because dry lube leaves a film on the gears u don't have to use excessive amounts so 1 can goes a long way. All in all very pleased with the product.

Dry Lube

DryLube is a fast drying and silicone free lubricant that leaves a high-quality lubricating and sliding film on the treated surface. Thanks to its unique composition, this product provides a dry and almost invisible antistatic layer, thus reducing stick & slip resistance to zero.
This dry-film lubricant is a dispersion of colourless, waxy polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that, after evaporation of the solvents, leaves an almost invisible and completely dry layer of sliding lacquer. Dry Lube can be applied to the most frequent surfaces such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastics, textiles, etc. This multi-purpose product is perfectly suitable for conveyer belts, dashboards, slides, machine parts etc. Moreover it is ideal to lubricate places where the attraction of dust and dirt is to be avoided in order to prevent malfunctions or accelerated wear.

DryLube is not sticky and does not stain, therefore it is also suitable to lubricate critical areas such as micro bearings in electronics, all hinges in car interiors or dovetail joints in fine mechanics.
Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Clean the surfaces with Innotec Multisol.
Method of use:
Shake can well during 2 minutes before use. Spray the product directly on the surface to be treated (spraying distance 15-20 cm). For best results, apply several thin layers.
-Silicone free and antistatic.
-Transparent dry lubrication.
-Extremely low coefficient of friction
-Zero stick & slip resistance.
-Corrosion resistant
-Temperature resistance from -60°C to +280°C. Anti-adhesive.
Dry Lube
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