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Multisol is a professional cleaner specially developed to safely clean the most common surfaces before gluing, sealing or any other activity. 

Multisol quickly and effectively removes the remains of glue, sealant, oil, grease, dirt and silicones. Due to its slow evaporation the product has more time to take effect on the dirt. This also means that the dirt can be more easily absorbed on the cloth. In other words, if the solvent evaporates quickly only the dirt is moved and it cannot be absorbed. 

All of these properties ensure that this product is extremely well suited as an all-round cleaner for the workshop. 

Multisol is also specially developed for cleaning the surface in preparation for fixing stickers and advertising copy. 

Multisol is packaged in a handy one-litre can, but also deliverable in 5 litre cans. 

There is a special Measure Pump (art.no. 90.0800) for these 5 litre cans. They can be set up very easily to create a central supply location in the workshop, thereby restricting the number of flammable solvent-containing cans lying around the workplace. 
Method of use:
Apply Multisol on a clean, dry and soft cloth and treat the surface. Rub dry with a clean, dry and soft cloth. If you intend to proceed with other jobs such as gluing, etc., leave to evaporate for approximately 10 minutes.
- Can be applied universally. 
- High dissolving power. 
- Slow evaporation. 
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