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Neil Philpott - Signs in Motion

Our business moved to a newly constructed business park 5 months ago, introducing ourselves to our neighbours involved the usual niceties etc.

We have found that being a sign writing company holds a fascination to others, so our visitors are many and frequent.

During the course of one of these visits our immediate neighbour noticed a particular job, which we all find mist gruelling, of removing the old vinyl’s from an old van.

This neighbour, from Innotec Supplies (UK) Ltd was in our workshop purely by coincidence this particular day, noticing our plight suggested one of their products might help! Off he went and came back with a small aerosol called Seal and Bond Remover, after one good spray the vinyl AND glue came off easily. We noticed that when the vehicle was stripped, that the time taken to do the job was easily cut in half!

To finish off and remove the outer black line left by the vinyl through shrinkage, and to help prepare the vehicle for applications of new vinyl’s, we used their Easy Clean Spray, i have to say the finish this leaves, is far superior then using white sprit and meths.

On collection of the vehicle, our customer thought we had polished the van.

Since then we have moved on to using there Moulding Tape, we cannot believe that through our good luck of luck of coincidence and location, have stumbled on a business that can provide products so useful to our industry.

Seal & Bond Remover

Seal and Bond Remover is a technical cleaner for the fast and efficient removal of many types of glue. 

The product softens most glues and sealants making them easier to remove. 
Seal and Bond Remover is suitable for all types of metal and most plastics. In addition, it is also safe to use on just about all modern types of lacquer. This means it is extremely well suited to remove stickers, emblems, protection strips and glue residues. Also the remains of glue and sealant left behind after the removal of communication equipment, glasses holders and so on, can be perfectly removed without damaging the surface.

Method of use:
Shake can well before use. Apply Repaplast Cleaner Antistatic directly on a clean, dry cloth and treat the surface. Wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.
- Easy to apply. 
- Ideal for the removal of glue, sealant and chewing gum residues. 
- Makes it considerably easier to cut out glued windscreens. 
- Product does not affect lacquers and most plastics. 
- Evaporates quickly and without leaving residues.

Seal & Bond Remover
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