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Richard Dix -

Reference the products only one word describes them, brilliant, the use of Deblock oil on my Vectra diesel injector to free it was unbelievable and saved a pot of money through not having to buy a new injector, whilst the fuel additives, put other well advertised brands to shame.
Excellent products delivered with excellent service.

Injection Clean

Injection Clean is a very powerful cleaner for the entire injection system from tank to injectors. In addition, the product gives perfect protection against dirt deposits and corrosion.

Method of use:
Shake the bottle before use.
Preventive: Add Injection Clean to the fuel tank before filling. For best results repeat for every 4th or 5th refill of the fuel tank.
Active cleaning: Add Injection Clean to the fuel tank, then fill to no more than 25 litres. Run the tank down before refilling. Repeat if necessary.
- Easy to use without disassembly.
- Cleans the entire injection system.
- Safe to use with all fuel types.
- Powerful cleaning.
- Effectively removes corrosion, resin and dirt deposits.
- Binds and burns fuel contaminated with water
Injection Clean
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