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CS1 Clean & Shine 5ltr

CS1 is a liquid designed according to the latest technology, which cleans and protects surfaces simultaneously. The product is extremely effective for quick cleaning and polishing of most smooth surfaces. CS1 gives a perfect and even shine to the treated area. 

CS1 combines two actions in one: cleaning and polishing of smooth surfaces. The product is extremely effective for cleaning and polishing cars, vans, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, etc., which need to be returned to the showroom after a test ride. CS1 easily removes grime, grease, water stains, finger prints and dust accumulated on the vehicle. CS1 uses no silicone to obtain a shiny result which makes the product ideal for use in the bodyshop. 

CS1 is a runny liquid which enhances even application by using a spray can. When dirt is difficult to remove, e.g. insects, it is recommended to let the product soak for a few moments before wiping. 

CS1 must be used in combination with the Innotec Clean and Shine Towel. This cloth ensures that full use is made of the positive properties of the product. The Clean and Shine Towel perfectly absorbs and retains moisture and dirt. 

CS1 is ready-for-use and does not require diluting. The product comes in a user-friendly 0.5 l spray can and is ready for immediate use. A 5 l bulk packaging is also available. A professional display of CS1 is available for retail. 

Method of use:
Shake the bottle before use. Spray CS1 sparingly and evenly on the area to be treated. Let the product soak for several minutes if dirt is difficult to remove, e.g. insects. Wipe off and dry in a circular motion using an Innotec Clean & Shine Towel.
- Cleaning and protection. 
- Suitable for use on nearly all smooth surfaces, incl. Paint, chrome, plastic, etc. 
- Does not contain chalk which makes it suitable for use on plastic. 
- Rub on and polish in one single motion. 
- Does not leave marks, stains or grease coating. 
- Silicone-free therefore safe to use in the bodyshop. 
- Effortless use.  
CS1 Clean & Shine 5ltr
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