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Innoplast Cleaner

Innoplast Cleaner is a specially developed liquid cleaner for almost any type of plastic. Because of its unique composition, this product removes tenacious contamination, such as remaining polishing agent, cleaning deep down to the pores. Moreover, Innoplast Cleaner eliminates very efficiently and safely nicotine, grease and dirt from plastics in both inside and outside applications. After cleaning, the treated surface will regain its original appearance again.

Innoplast Cleaner is the ideal professional cleaner for removing tenacious contamination of plastic bumpers, protective and decorative strips, canvas, doors, frames, legs of tables/chairs, etc. 

Method of use: 
Innoplast Cleaner can be applied with a damp Inno-Cleaner or sprayed directly on the surface to be cleaned. In case of structured surfaces, the use of a long-haired brush specially developed for this kind of purpose Leather Brush) can contribute to a deeper cleaning. It is advisable to use Innoplast Innoplast Protector to re-protect the cleaned surface.

Innoplast Cleaner is ready-for-use and does not require diluting. The product comes in a     user-friendly 500 ml spray bottle and is ready for immediate use.

Innoplast Cleaner
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