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Power Clean 500ml

Power Clean is a safe and fast working cleaner for nearly all dirty metal parts and surfaces. The product removes brake dust, tar, under seal, grease and various types of wax.

Power Clean is safe to use when cleaning electronic brake and ABS systems. Since Power Clean does not affect the surface, it is also extremely well suited to the removal of tar spots and grease or oil stains from the bodywork.

Power Clean evaporates completely without leaving any residue. Another big advantage of the product is that there is no danger of whitening aluminium parts, as is the case with most brake cleaners. This means that Power Clean can also be used to clean clutch and engine parts. The product exits the aerosol can in a very powerful spray so that difficult to access parts are very easy to clean.

Thanks to its aerosol packaging Power Clean is extremely user-friendly and easy to apply. The special unbreakable nozzle and tube supplied with the product make it very easy to apply in places which are difficult to access. The nozzle also allows spraying from all positions.


- Safe to use on aluminium.

- Exits the can in a very powerful spray, therefore suited for cleaning difficult to access places.

- Leaves no residue.

Cleaning applications:

- Metal parts before welding.

- Removal of tar, underseal, grease and various types of wax.

- Brake systems, engine parts, clutch plates.

- Carburettor parts, electronics.

- Machinery, conveyors.

Power Clean 500ml
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