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Air Shot Clean

Air Shot is a silicone-free instant scent explosion for small and large spaces.

A powerful solution to quickly eliminate unpleasant odours and thus create a pleasant working and living environment within the shortest time possible.

Due to its unique scents, Air Shot is the perfect choice to provide any room and/or vehicle with a pleasant smell to your liking.

Air Shot is therefore suitable as a first solution to eliminate unpleasant odours in cars, trucks, buses, public rooms (changing rooms, hotel rooms, B&B's) and also private rooms.

If, in a particular vehicle or room, the desired fragrance intensity cannot be achieved with Air Shot, the Innotec product range still contains Air Clean and Airco Control as alternatives. If necessary, these products can be used as a next step to achieve the desired result.

Method Of Use:

Shake can well before use. Spray one shot into the room or on a piece of carpet in the room until the desired odour intensity is reached. Always make sure to keep sufficient distance to objects. Then ventilate briefly. If necessary, remove spraying mist with a damp Inno-Cleaner.


 Do not aim the spray at people or animals because of the powerful spray pattern!


- Powerful scent explosion without silicones.

- Refreshes the treated room in no time.

- Comes in multiple scents.

- Unique spray pattern with high capacity. -

Air Shot Clean
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