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Wheel Clean Pro

Wheel Clean Pro is a very effective, acid-free wheel cleaner for all steel and alloy rims as well as high quality chrome rims. Removes stubborn dirt such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and road grime. Packed in a handy bottle with 360° trigger sprayer.

This highly active, powerful cleaner is self-neutralising and contains a blue colour indicator which fades as the cleaning power reduces. When the colour finally disappears, the effect of Wheel Clean Pro is neutralized and the wheel can be rinsed using a pressure or steam cleaner. The cleaning effect is optimal this way. On heavily dirtied wheels the cleaning power can be increased by using a brush.

 As Wheel Clean Pro contains no acids, it will not affect or discolour oxidation or rust sensitive surfaces (painted surfaces, brake callipers …).

Wheel Clean Pro is ready to use and does not require further dilution. Due to its packaging in a 1 litre spray bottle, Wheel Clean Pro is very user-friendly and can be applied directly (even upside down).

 The product is also available in economical 10 and 25 litre cans. Wheel Clean Pro can be easily tapped from these cans by using the InnoQuip Metering Tap for 10 litre cans or the InnoQuip Metering Tap for 25 litre cans and then optimally used with the InnoQuip Multi Sprayer.

• Easy to apply using the 360° sprayer.
• Allows for very quick and effective cleaning.
• Acid-free; inhalation of the spray will cause no discomfort to the respiratory system.
• Good adhesion to vertical parts, so optimum cleaning action.
• Contains a blue colour indicator.

Wheel Clean Pro
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