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Gasket Remover

Gasket Remover is an extremely effective way of removing gasket residue, soot or carbon deposits, coatings and glues.
The product is extremely well suited to the removal of residues from all kinds of standard or custom gaskets, as found in the thermostat housing, inlet manifold, sump or gearbox. Or the dynamo cover, ignition or clutch.

Since old residues can be removed perfectly in this way there is no risk of damage caused when they are removed mechanically such as with a screwdriver, for example.

The product is also ideal for removing carbon deposits from valves and pistons. In addition, it is also high suited to the removal of coatings, prior to welding or tapping, for example.

Gasket Remover is very effective, but does not contain caustic substances. Due to its gel form the product adheres well to the surface, where it can have an optimal effect. Residues rinse away in water.

Thanks to its aerosol packaging Gasket Remover is extremely user-friendly and easy to apply.
- Removes gasket residue, soot or carbon deposits, coatings and glues.
- Very effective.
- Gel form for a longer effect.
- Easy to remove.
Gasket Remover
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