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Hand Protector

Hand protector is a cream which, when applied, forms an invisible, dirt-repellent film that penetrates the outer layer of the skin. Hand protector protects the skin against the infiltration and adhesion of all forms of dirt and acts in fact like an invisible glove. Hand protector protects the hands from serious pollutants such as paint, grease and oil, putty, sealants and adhesive. 

Although it acts like an invisible glove, Hand protector feels natural and keeps the skin soft and smooth. 

If your hands have become dirty after certain activities, they can be cleaned with just water or possibly with soap. As a result, it is unnecessary to use conventional cleaning products (which are often aggressive). 

Thanks to the handy aerosol, Hand protector is very user-friendly and economical and can be used both inside and outside the workshop. 


- Silicone-free and odourless. 
- Easy to apply. 
- Gives optimal protection against dirt in advance. 
- Feels natural. 
- Keeps the skin soft and supple. 
- No need to use (aggressive) cleaning agents on your hands. 

Hand Protector
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