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Jamie Shaw - Pimp My Ride UK

"We find Innotec products are simply perfect for every application, whether its cleaning up or lubricating to finally joining products PERMANENTLEY, we use Innotec because we find they simply do a perfect job. Every time!!!”


Inno-X is a high-quality cleaner and polish with unique protective properties. Inno-X is specially developed for stainless steel, chrome and aluminium surfaces in industrial applications.

Due to its special composition with surface active agents, Inno-X is capable of removing stubborn sources of dirt, such as grease, dirt and finger prints from these materials and surfaces without leaving streaks.

Method of use:
Shake can well before use. Apply an even, thin spray on the surface to be treated or spray it on a clean, dry Multi Wipe and apply. Rub off with a soft, clean, dry cloth.
- Certified for use in the food industry by an independent German lab. 
- Simple to apply. 
- Viscous when applied. This means the product does not drip from vertical surfaces. 
- Pleasant light odour. 
- Cleans, shines and protects in one treatment. 
- Does not leave spots or a greasy haze behind.
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