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Inno-Cleaners are very strong microfiber cleaning cloths with a long shelf life. Thanks to the unique structure of Inno-Cleaners, virtually all types of dirt can be eliminated without using chemical detergents and without damaging the surface.

Inno-Cleaners are safe to use on most of the substrates of motorbikes and scooters, such as mirrors, perspex, chrome, plastic or painted surfaces.

When used in combination with Multi Clean foam, the cleaning power is further increased. The cloths are the ideal solution for removing insects from, for example, the fairing or the helmet visor. Especially on transparent plastic parts, the combination of Inno-Cleaners and Multi Clean gives perfect results without any risk of the kind of damage that can occur with abrasive products.

Inno-Cleaners are lint-free and give smear less results. In addition, they have a long shelf life, because they can be washed time and time again in the washing machine.

Thanks to the different packagings (in singles and in packs of five and ten), this product is ideal for use in the workshop or showroom. In addition, it is an excellent retail product for customers who are looking for a solution for insect problems.


- Microfiber cleaning cloths with a powerful cleaning effect.
- Long life.
- Do not pluck.
- Suitable for most surfaces.
- Streak less end result.

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