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Neil Philpott - Signs in Motion

Our business moved to a newly constructed business park 5 months ago, introducing ourselves to our neighbours involved the usual niceties etc.

We have found that being a sign writing company holds a fascination to others, so our visitors are many and frequent.

During the course of one of these visits our immediate neighbour noticed a particular job, which we all find mist gruelling, of removing the old vinyl’s from an old van.

This neighbour, from Innotec Supplies (UK) Ltd was in our workshop purely by coincidence this particular day, noticing our plight suggested one of their products might help! Off he went and came back with a small aerosol called Seal and Bond Remover, after one good spray the vinyl AND glue came off easily. We noticed that when the vehicle was stripped, that the time taken to do the job was easily cut in half!

To finish off and remove the outer black line left by the vinyl through shrinkage, and to help prepare the vehicle for applications of new vinyl’s, we used their Easy Clean Spray, i have to say the finish this leaves, is far superior then using white sprit and meths.

On collection of the vehicle, our customer thought we had polished the van.

Since then we have moved on to using there Moulding Tape, we cannot believe that through our good luck of luck of coincidence and location, have stumbled on a business that can provide products so useful to our industry.

Bill Wyatt - W.S & Son

Innotec's Products - I know that they are predominantly designed for the automotive industry and I work in construction. But, as you are aware, I have used them for a varying range of jobs throughout my working week.
Your Flagship product 'Adheseal' is quite simply brilliant. I have tried other products that can
allegedly work under water, these shall remain nameless, (they know who they are!). But after Jim, so ably demonstrated that, 'Adheseal' actually does work!! Gone are the days when I have to assess a leaking gutter for example, only to return at a later date to complete a repair. This can now be done at the time of my inspection, rain or shine.
'Sprayseal' also, in my opinion, is a market leader. I describe it as 'Adheseal's' little brother, as although it is thinner, it is of a similar if not the same compound, thus making it able to be sprayed, meaning awkward situations that are unable to be attended to without 'major surgery' can be dealt with, with a minimum of fuss.
As you know we also install a large amount of plastic fascias and soffits, 'Easy Clean' is simply the best cleaner we have come across. We have a spray bottle in both of our vehicles at all times and I have been pressurised into leaving a few bottles at clients' houses because they are so impressed at the state that we have left their other plastics in, and they wish to maintain it.The list of Innotec products that we have used goes on and on, and every one of them is superb and leaves theirs competitors in the shade.
I will continue to use Innotec products for the foreseeable future, as I firmly believe that they
cannot be bettered, unless the boys in white coats manage to improve upon perfection!! Thank you so much for introducing them to me, I think Innotec should use the slogan, "Innotec, we make the difficult jobs easy" becasue you do.

Easy Clean

Easy Clean is a professional liquid cleaner for use on just about any kind of surface. It removes nicotine, grease, dirt, salt and silicone and is also very effective in removing insects. 
Method of use:
Spray Easy Clean evenly over the surface to be cleaned and leave to take effect. Work in with a cloth or brush on very dirty or rough surfaces. After application always rub dry with a clean and dry cloth or rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, first test on a non-visible area. If you want to dilute Easy Clean or use it in cleaning machines or pressure cleaners: add Easy Clean to the water in the proportions of 5% to 50%, depending on the amount of dirt.
- Suitable for just about all surfaces (plastic, rubber, textile, leather, etc.). 
- Very easy to use. 
- Cleans deeply, safely and quickly. 
- Ideal for removing silicones and nicotine. 
- Does not stripe. 
- Leaves a fresh smell behind.
Easy Clean
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