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Contact Clean

Contact Clean is a very effective cleaner for electronical and electrical parts. Thanks to the long action time, it easily removes just about every kind of dirt, grease and corrosion, thereby creating a perfect electrical connection.
Contact Clean is indispensable upon repairing and checking electronic and electrical circuits in vehicles, machines, sound equipment, computers, etc. since many of these electronic connections are in places which are highly exposed to the action of the weather and the effects of grease, dirt and salt. Contact Clean removes oxidation, dirt and grease, thereby guaranteeing good conductivity.

Due to its unique, well-balanced composition the product does not evaporate too quickly and has a low surface tension. In contrast to many other products this allows it to penetrate deeply into the surface and to work for a long time.

Contact Clean evaporates completely and leaves no residues.

After cleaning, use Multi Spray 1000 to provide the contacts with a protective, moisture-repellent layer.

Thanks to its aerosol packaging Contact Clean is extremely user-friendly and easy to apply. The extra nozzle and short tube supplied with the product make it very easy to apply in places which are difficult to access.
Method of use:
Disconnect electronics before treatment with Contact Clean. Apply Contact Clean on the parts to be treated. Remove stubborn dirt with a brush. Spray again to remove soaked off dirt. After complete evaporation the system can be connected again; the product will evaporate completely.
- Good cleaning effect.
- Specially developed for electrical connections and electronics.
- Low surface tension, therefore a good penetrating effect.
- Evaporates without leaving residues.


Contact Clean
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