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Air Clean

Air Clean is an extremely effective cleaner for A/C and heating system ducts as well as vehicle interiors. Air Clean eliminates in a simple and easy way unpleasant odours and leaves behind a pleasant neutral smell. Air Clean removes the bad odours that occur in all A/C systems. The cause of these odours results in reduced comfort and a less healthy environment in the vehicle. Air Clean also removes odours from the interior caused by cigars, cigarettes, pets, and so on. 
Air Clean is the ideal product for effectively cleaning A/C and heating system ducts and vehicle interiors. The special active ingredients in the product spread around the heating system by re-circulation and spread through to the interior of the vehicle. Air Clean leaves a pleasant neutral odour behind. Air Clean saves time.
 The aerosol can is fitted with a unique lockable nozzle. Once activated the aerosol will empty automatically. The contents of one 150 ml can are sufficient to clean the A/C and heating system completely. 
Method of use:
Turn the ventilation system onto heating and circulation, turn the air flow to dashboard air grids and let the system run with the vehicle engine switched off. After 5 minutes, place the Air Clean, on the supplied stand, in the passenger foot well and activate the spray nozzle by pressing until it locks. Exit the vehicle, close the doors and let the spray circulate throughout the vehicle. Open the windows or doors after 15 minutes and ventilate the vehicle for half an hour. To keep the ventilation system working to its optimum, this treatment should be repeated frequently.
Attention: If there is an interior filter on the inside of the vehicle, this filter should be removed before starting the treatment!
- Very effective cleaning. 
- Removes unpleasant smells. 
- Saves time. 
- Very user-friendly. 
- Pleasant neutral odour.   
Air Clean
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