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Airco Clean Control

Airco Clean Control is a unique professional cleaner for air conditioning systems. In addition to cleaning the system perfectly, the product ensures that new dirt finds it much more difficult to adhere to the surface. 

Airco Clean Control offers a very simple yet perfect solution for cleaning A/C systems in cars. When the A/C system gets dirty, it reduces the hygiene in the car, which can cause irritation to the bronchial passages and eyes. Airco Clean Control also prevents the dirt in the system from developing an unpleasant odour in the cabin at a later stage. 

Airco Clean Control is the ideal solution for a perfect cleansing of the A/C system. This product is extremely easy to use - it applies a dense foam to the evaporator coil in the A/C system. Airco Clean Control completely dissolves all deposits of dirt, leaving a fresh odour behind. The liquid residue leaves the system via the condensate drain. 

Airco Clean Control is extremely user friendly. The product is supplied in an aerosol, which comes with a special long hose and nozzle. The hose is used to apply the product to the evaporator coil. The 250 ml content is sufficient to clean the A/C system completely. 
Method of use:
The person who is going to carry out the treatment should have sufficient knowledge of the air conditioning system to be cleaned. Switch off the air conditioning system a few minutes before the treatment, this to make sure that the evaporator is not cold or moist anymore. For optimum cleaning it is important to apply the foam as close as possible to the evaporator. This can be done by removing some components (ventilation resistor, interior filter, ventilation motor, etc.) so that the spray nozzle at the end of the long tube can get close to or against the evaporator. In some cases it is also possible to clean the evaporator through the condensation water exhaust. If necessary, remove components that might be damaged during the treatment. When the design of the system requires it, the method of use may be varied to achieve the greatest cleaning results. Depending on the size of the system to be treated, use a maximum of 1 aerosol can per system. Allow at least 15 minutes for the product to take effect, then switch the fan at slow speed for 5 minutes. Now the air-conditioning system is clean and functional. For best results, refrain from using the air-conditioning for a few hours.
- Cleans dirt at the source; the evaporator. 
- A highly active and substantial foam whose constituents are effective for a long period of time. 
- Has a pleasant odour. 
- Optimal cleaning ensures that new dirt will find it more difficult to gain a hold. 
Airco Clean Control
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