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Cleaners And Polishes
Heavy Plant
Marine and Diving
Pool and Spas
  • Clean It...!
  • Fix It...!
  • Grease It...!
  • Stick It...!

Why not let the products do the work for you? 

When it comes to cleaning, no-one wants to put too much elbow grease it to it...

We have developed a range of cleaners and polishes that are safe to use in all industrial environments including body shops. 
Our products have also won the Green Apple award which shows that we also care and develop environmentally friendly cleaners.
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Why buy new when you can repair the old dmaged ones like new?

We have developed a range of products that will give you a quick fix or a professional invisible repair.
We can help you repair:
*Plastics - Repaplast and Topfix
*Gaskets and Rubber - Easy Gasket
* Perspex - Quick Bond
*Pond or Pool liners - Adheseal
*Alloy Wheels - Alu Scratch Repair Kit
Click Here for all our Repair Products
More Coming Soon

What do you want from a Grease or Lubricant?

Innotec manufacture a large range of lubricants and greases to cover all of your requirements.

From general purpose light lubrication.

To extreme pressure lubrication.

We have it covered.

What do you need to stick???

Innotec have a large range of Glues and Adhesives that will stick almost all materials. 
Some of our products include:
*Underwater Glues and Sealants - Adheseal
* Windscreen Glues - Safe Seal
*Spray able Glues and Sealants - Spray Seal, Spray Adhesive
*Super Glues - Fast Glue, Quick Bond
*One of a kind Thread Lock Gels - Innolock Gel
More Coming Soon