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GMT Spas International Ltd : Peter Rigiani, director of the company uses Adheseal for the companies underwater repairs: 'Everything we use of theirs WORKS!'.
Swimming Pool News: 'Easy Gasket...a fast and professional way of repairing pump housings, filters...in fact anything that's made of plastic.' See article here.
Our most popular products in this sector are:
Adheseal - in the Swimming Pool and Spa industry, Adheseal is the number One product for maintenance and repair. Adheseal is a unique sealer which cures underwater and is used for sealing leaks and making repairs to tiles and fittings without the need for draining the pool or spa. 
Easy Gasket - an easy to use gasket repair system which allows customers to make permanent repairs to gaskets within filtration systems and pipework negating the need to carry a wide variety of gaskets in stock, saving time and money.
Repaplast - a unique two pack plastic repair system which allows you to make invisible repairs to cracked or damaged plastic or fibreglass, meaning you no longer have to replace all the damaged items saving money for your customers and you.
Innotec has been supplying the leisure industry for many years and has established an excellent reputation amongst dealerships and technical support staff. The range is used extensively throughout the industry and is known for the possibilities that it offers for all aspects of building, maintenance, cleaning, and repair.

If you work in the Swimming Pool industry, then we know you need excellent products which won't let you down and cost you time. At Innotec we have developed a range of products with you in mind and we are proud to say that our customers swear by them.

You will too.

Used by the professionals. Innotec.