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Most recently Innotec have sponsored the British Motocross Champion Ben Millward. Ben is a true advocate of Innotec's products and comments:

"For me to be competitive my bikes must be in top condition and for this reason I would only consider using high quality lubricants and repair products. This is why I endorse Innotec Supplies, their range of products are some of the best on the market and ensure my bike always performs to the standard I need as British Champion."

Total Power Grease - is an extremely high-quality grease, which, due to its excellent pressure and temperature resistance, is ideal as a universal lubricant. When being applied the product initially is liquid, so it can penetrate deeply between the parts. After the propellant has evaporated away it leaves a beautiful, solid and pressure-resistant grease behind.
Inno-Cleaners - are very powerful, long-life microfiber cleaning cloths. Thanks to their unique structure they can remove just about every type of dirt without using chemical cleaning agents and without damaging the surface.
Our most popular products in this sector are:
Hi Tef Oil - in its handy small can to fit in to your scottoilers, this makes it the perfect chain lube, with brilliant anti-fling properties.
MS1000 - is an essential part of any motorcyclist's tool kit, and is used to protect electrical contacts and components in any weather conditions. In fact it has been found to be so effective that it is now the dielectric of choice amongst Jet Skiers.
Inno-X - a high-quality cleaner for metal it not only cleans water and grease marks, but it also leaves a non slip protection, meaning cleaning will be easier thereafter.  Inno-X is perfect to use on chrome and alloy and also protects from corrosion.
Whether you are servicing, repairing, or preparing for winter storage, Innotec offers a full range of professional products for the motorcyclist to care for and maintain their bike.
With high quality lubes to protect the drive chain, brake system and all other moving parts, repair products for fairings, cases and mudguards and professional cleaning products for all materials, Innotec is truly a partner for your business. 
Used by competing clubs, motorcycle display teams, owners clubs and motocross professionals the products have been level tried and tested at all levels.