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Bluewater Boats; Hayden Knibbs, designer and builder of the steel prototype of the Tradewind 25, extensively used Adheseal during construction and finishing. 
Osiris Marine Services Ltd; After seeing Adheseal at Seaworks 2009, the underwater engineering division were very enthusiastic about it's application possibilities. ***********************************************
Practical Boat Owner; Read about Repaplast in Andrew Simpson's Good Gear Guide.
Long known as a technical partner for civil and construction companies, it wasn't long before our services were called upon to solve technical issues for application aspects of commercial diving.
Our range includes a tried and tested underwater sealer that is simple and clean to use, a dielectric spray that can be used in the most aggressive environments and a replacement gasket maker that solves all air-tool and ROV leaks. Plus many other unique problem solvers.
With a Commercial Diver HSE Part I & PADI qualified director and a team of highly trained staff, we are on hand to give support with any technical aspects of your project.

Dom Mee, Maritime Explorer has endured 10 hurricanes & 4 typhoons in a career of maritime expeditions around the globe.  He has used Innotec products, in particular, Multi Spray 1000, in all of his expeditions. 
"When operating offshore, it is essential to have the very best equipment that can stand up to the rigors of the heaviest of ocean weatherI believe that every water user should have a can of MS1000, I was able to keep my boat's electrics alive during Hurricane Katrina on the Grand Banks and it became one of the most important items I had on board” quoted Dom. 
(Warning; video contains adult language)