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Spray-Seal - is a spray able sealant and adhesive perfect for panel bonding and waterproofing large machinery.

Our most popular products in this sector are:
Adheseal - is a unique MS polymer-based glue and sealant, which comes in a range of colours.
Deblock Oil - is another product favoured by our clients, which consists of a mix of quick rust dissolvers and lubricants which has a high penetrating effect.
Power Clean - is a safe, quickly-acting cleaner for just about all dirty metal parts and surfaces, and is available in two sizes.

Your partner of choice

Innotec have developed an enviable reputation in a wide range of industrial sectors through the performance of their products in the most extreme of applications and environments.

Industrial clients constitute an extremely wide range of organisations from manufacturing companies which require the highest performance products for maintenance and repair of plant, to wind farms where reliability and ease of speed maintenance is key.  Working together with these industries we are able to develop systems that provide key solutions for many different applications.

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