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High-Tef Oil - is a high-grade PTFE-based lubricating oil that provides extremely good lubrication under high pressure and within a wide temperature range from -50°C up to +250°C.
DryLube - is a fast drying and silicone free lubricant that leaves a high-quality lubricating and sliding film on the treated surface. Thanks to its unique composition, this product provides a dry and almost invisible antistatic layer, thus reducing stick & slip resistance to zero.
Power Clean - a powerful aerosol cleaner that will remove tough grease and dirt,  it is also extremely well suited to the removal of tar spots and grease or oil stains from the painted surfaces.  Power Clean also evaporates completely without leaving any residue.

Repaplast - a quick and easy plastic repair system that will work on almost all plastics.  No longer do you have to replace damaged machinery you can professionally repair it.
Easy Clean - a professional liquid cleaner for use on just about any kind of surface. It removes nicotine, grease, dirt, salt and silicone and is also very effective in removing insects.

Why Would You Innotec?

With advancements in technology and the ever increasing sophistication of electronic equipment, the specialists' needs have radically changed. Innotec are able to meet these requirements by conducting continuous research and development. 
This Research & Development has enabled us to create a unique offering that will lead to a significant reduction in labour costs and an increase in profitability and efficiency.  The range of high performance products are designed specifically to support the needs in both manufacturing and the maintenance and repair aspect of the industry.