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DryLube - is a fast drying and silicone free lubricant that leaves a high-quality lubricating and sliding film on the treated surface. Thanks to its unique composition, this product provides a dry and almost invisible antistatic layer, thus reducing stick & slip resistance to zero.
Deblock Oil - is a mix of quick rust dissolvers and lubricants, which has a high penetrating effect due to its low surface tension and is therefore perfectly capable of dissolving tightly seized parts in the least accessible places.
Adheseal - this super strength Adhesive not only can be used on the entire job in and around water but cures to a strength of 30kg per sq. cm with a flexible seal.  It will stick almost anything to anything and is regarded as one of Innotec's most versatile products.
Topfix - adheres to most substrates including plastics, metal and wood, and makes a fast repair to save time and money.  What makes it even better is that you not only can tap a thread but you make a perfect thread in 5 minutes by 'squidging' Topfix out.
Self-Sealing Tape - a solid, vulcanising, self-amalgamating tape activated by stretching, which fuses to form a homogenous, completely airtight and watertight mass after use.  Our engineering customer uses this for leaks on hoses and securing electrical lumbing etc.

Our Engineering Proposition

Our Research and Development team pride themselves on their close relationship with the engineering sector.
We understand that the industry works within an atmosphere of very tough tolerance and has a need to combat extremely high pressure and aggressive conditions.  Therefore the highest rate of efficiency from your supplier and their product is a priority. Innotec offer you this peace of mind.
High pressure and temperature resistance are standard features in our range of lubricants, penetrants and greases and we understand the importance of after sales service for both product and application support. That's why we offer a Support Team.