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Metal Products: '...recently purchased some EP Cutting Oil from your shelves. You asked me at the time to let you know if it was any good. I can quite confidently tell you that it was very good...I do hope you can keep us supplied in the future.' See letter here.
Techno Drill Design Ltd: 'Some of the most outstanding products I have ever seen. You've got to see them to believe them.' See letter here.
W. S Wyatt & Son: 'I thought after 4 years of using your products, I should tell you just how good they are...I will continue to use Innotec products for the foreseeable future, as I firmly believe that they cannot be bettered'. See letter here.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Innotec's Adheseal was used in constructing the films scenery.
Adheseal - is a unique MS polymer based glue and sealant that retains its elasticity. The product is suitable for gluing and sealing and provides perfect adhesion to many difficult surfaces such as metal, plastic, rubber, glass and Plexiglas. It is very quick to form a skin, fast curing, and extremely flexible.
Spray-Seal - is a spray able sealant and adhesive perfect for panel bonding and large construction needs.
Adheseal - is a high performance sealer for glass fixing and sealing. It comes in a range of colours and is capable of curing under water, with a high degree of adhesion to most surfaces.
Innoseal - is used for soffit and drainage fixing. The product is very quick to form a skin, fast curing, and extremely flexible.

Why Innotec?

A wide variety of Innotec's products are extremely popular within the construction industry, where their high performance, environmental friendliness and ease of use can save the construction engineer significant time and money.
With high technical specifications the range enables new technology and build possibilities to be achieved in an ever increasing field.

In fact Innotec products have become so widely used within this sector they are now being specified by architects and civil engineers during the design process.