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Pembroke Park First School and Kingfisher Nursery: 'We would like to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with Innotec's Graffiti Remover and would be happy to recommend its use in the future.' See letter here.
Western Daily Press: On Innotec Graffiti Remover: 'What we are looking for is a product that is environmentally friendly, effective and easy to deal with, and in principle this one seems very good'. Read the whole article here.
Salisbury Journal: Innotec receives a prestigious Green Apple Environment Award, recognising the company's environmentally friendly graffiti remover. To read the whole article, click here.  
Turbo Clean -1 is part of the Innotec Turbo Clean Set and is a powerful cleaner for diesel engine turbo chargers with variable geometry. The product will quickly and efficiently dissolve stubborn carbon deposits on the variable geometry. Without needing to disassemble the turbo charger, it will regain its optimum function after cleaning, as the variable geometry will be able to move freely again. Turbo Clean 1 does not affect the working of catalysts.
Foam Glass Clean - is a very powerful foam glass cleaner that gives a clean and streak free result. Thanks to its unique combination of cleaning ingredients the product is a very fast and effective cleaner for glass and other smooth surfaces.

Easy Clean - is a professional liquid cleaner for use on just about any kind of surface. It removes nicotine, grease, dirt, salt and silicone and is also very effective in removing insects. Because Easy Clean does not affect the surface, it is extremely well suited as a general cleaner. Therefore the product can be used safely but very effectively to clean delicate parts such as hard and soft plastics, lacquer, aluminium, chrome and canvas. It is also ideal for covering materials such as textiles, rubber, leather, imitation leather and various plastics.

Power Clean - Power Clean is a safe and fast working cleaner for nearly all dirty metal parts and surfaces. The product removes brake dust, tar, underseal, grease and various types of wax.

Innotec Cleans Up

Innotec cleaning products are renowned across a wide range of industries for their high performance, whilst needing the minimum of labour to provide a truly professional finish.

Environmental issues are in the forefront of the news and our minds.  But how easy is it to get a cleaner that is environmentally sound and that actually works?  Here at Innotec we pride ourselves on manufacturing environmentally safe products that get the job done!

Innotec has developed a cleaning product for virtually every application including automotive valeting, industrial and domestic workspace cleansing, as well as graffiti removal for public spaces.