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Supreme ARC; Kash Singh, 'Innotec Moulding Tape is stronger than anything else we have used, sticks to metal and all other products we have tried. It is so easy to use!' www.supremearc.co.uk
DryLube - is a fast drying and silicone free lubricant that leaves a high-quality lubricating and sliding film on the treated surface. Thanks to its unique composition, this product provides a dry and almost invisible antistatic layer, thus reducing stick & slip resistance to zero.
Easy Clean - is a professional liquid cleaner for use on just about any kind of surface. It removes nicotine, grease, dirt, salt and silicone and is also very effective in removing insects. Because Easy Clean does not affect the surface, it is extremely well suited as a general cleaner. Therefore the product can be used safely but very effectively to clean delicate parts such as hard and soft plastics, lacquer, aluminium, chrome and canvas. It is also ideal for covering materials such as textiles, rubber, leather, imitation leather and various plastics.
Our most popular products in this sector are:
Repaplast - a quick and easy way to make professional repairs to the body work whilst Innotec
Adheseal - is widely used to provide permanent seals around awkward joints and prevent water ingress.
Spray Seal HS - with its unique composition and application options is ideal for producing effective water-tight areas, such as shower trays. Thanks to its abilities it can be sprayed over wet-on-wet after 30 minutes, whilst imitating the original factory seams.

What We Do

As a service engineer for caravans and motorhomes we know you can be faced with any numbers of problems to solve. The troubles are doubled as the vehicles tend to be built from the inside out so repairs tend to be long & arduous.  Working with Don Amott Leisure, Brownhills and Marquis we have developed systems to overcome their many problems with our unique sector solutions, many of which can be used in situ.
Innotec Spray Seal can be easily applied to seal damaged and leaking roves and can also be applied as a non-slip surface that complies with safety regulations.  With a very low percentage of shrinkage, Spray seal will not crack or peel from the roof structure.