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Dave Denham is an industry famous and champions the Innotec products.  Click here to see his video on Adheseal.
Sparsholt College: Sparsholt College gained a Gold medal at the Chelsea flower show, however an issue arose on the way to the show, 'they had some sort of water feature that needed sealing...to cut a long story short Adheseal has saved the day and contributed to Sparsholt College getting a GOLD medal at the show'. See the letter here
Aquatec 500 - is a durable synthetic cloth with a unique pyramid structure for very quick and effective absorption and retention of moisture without leaving any residue. The end result is a perfectly shining surface without streaks.
Self-sealing Tape - is a solid, vulcanising tape activated by stretching, which fuses to form a homogenous, completely airtight and watertight mass after use. The product is perfectly suitable for spitting, joining and insulating electrical cables up to 45,000 volts.
Our most popular products in this sector are:
Adheseal- has been used to build, repair and maintain aquariums, ponds and garden water furniture for many years. It is also completely non-toxic even when curing to livestock including invertebrates and crustaceans.
Aquatec 500- these are cloths widely used to maintain crystal clear aquarium glass to ensure a pristine tank, thanks to the unique pyramid structure found in the cloth.

The Experts Choice

With more than 10 years' experience within the private and professional market, Innotec is the preferred partner for the aquatic expert.  We have a track record with public aquariums across the world, and have a dedicated expert in our team to provide support for our clients.

As the market leader and with endorsements from renowned aquatic professionals, Adheseal is supplied with all relevant health & safety information and has built a reputation for safety and first-time fix properties.
With professional support, technical and application advice, Innotec is the preferred supplier for the aquatics industry.