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Financial Director

Kate has been with the Company since 2004 and is a results driven business analyst and qualified accountant specialising in Financial and Management accounting. Kate also has a unique double role within the Company as she is both Financial Director and Office Manager.
Kate is able to offer support in every aspect of the Company and is always keen to assist both her team and customers whenever she is required as she is fully trained in all of our products and their applications.    
Kate has a very active role working closely alongside Clive the Sales Director in the continued success of the company and ambitions to drive the company forward into ever increasing levels of performance and market leadership.
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Sales Director

Clive is a seasoned sales executive, leader and strategist.

Experienced in business communications and operational management. Clive has been with Innotec Supplies (UK) Ltd since 2003, starting out at ground level as part of the field based Technical Sales team. In the years at Innotec Clive has worked his way through the managerial structure of the Company resulting in his appointment as Sales Director in 2007.

By using his expertise, Clive not only encourages greater business growth through sales management but also improves the customer experience through the training he imparts to all of our sales team.


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Managing Director

Following 11 years as a Royal Marine, Jim first left to pursue a career in commercial diving and worked throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East. His experience then brought him to the attention of the maritime security sector and Jim moved to work on a long term contract in West Africa. Now firmly based in Salisbury, Jim brings a wealth of experience from the Maritime sector to Innotec.
Jim is Innotec's Managing Director and provides real time support for the customer base and also works closely with the logistics department. Jim works closely with our manufacturer and is always keen to try and bring new products to different markets. He regularly researches different industries and their problems to come up with a solution. Jim is very hands on but is also business minded and will always be there to assist with any complications and provide a solution.
Jim is a member of Serve – On a community response team, that supports the emergency services and local authorities and responds to emergencies and major incidents.

Meet the team!

At Innotec we have a strict belief that a Company is only as good as the people it employs. We are extremely proud of our team as each and every individual plays a vital role in offering our customers not only the best products but also the best possible service. Everybody at Innotec adopts the same goal………. That being, to offer our customers unsurpassed levels of service and customer care.
All of our products offer different USP’s as do all of our staff, each one comes with their own unique characters and strengths but most off all extremely high levels of dedication.
Our Head office is manned 5 days a week from 8.00am to 5.00pm