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Financial Director

With Kate's ever expanding knowledge in accountancy, logical problem solving skills and "people person” quality she is the best of the best. Kate will always be willing to assist with any complications. Kate is our Financial Director and deals with general accounts and credit control, but she has been trained on our products and knows the ins and outs of Innotec! Kate has been with Innotec for over nine years and within that time has spent three years studying at Salisbury collage and is now AAT qualified. 

Kate is not only our Financial Director but also our Office Manager. There is nothing that Kate doesn't know and will assist with any queries you might have. To meet the rest of the head office click here.

Sales Director

Clive has been connected to the motor trade for most of his working life, from car audio and alarms to direct sales of automotive consumables he stands tall in the industry. Like all new recruits at Innotec, he started with a comprehensive training school at our Head Office in Salisbury. Clive worked his way up to Sales Director in 6 years. 

In the 11 years Clive has been at Innotec, the company has gone from strength to strength and has moved to bigger premises enabling us to meet the ever increasing demand.  Clive helped establish the successful Innotec Training Academy and introduced new sales incentives. By using his expertise, Clive not only encourages greater business growth through sales but also improves the customer experience through training he gives to all of our sales team. 

For more information on the Sales Team please click here.

Managing Director

Following 11 years as a Royal Marine, Jim first left to pursue a career in commercial diving and worked throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East. His experience then brought him to the attention of the maritime security sector and Jim moved to work on a long term contract in West Africa. Now firmly based in Salisbury, Jim brings a wealth of experience from the Maritime sector to Innotec.

Jim is Innotec's Managing Director and provides real time support for the customer base and also works closely with the logistics department. Jim works closely with our manufacturer and is always keen to try and bring new products to different markets. He regularly researches different industries and their problems to come up with a solution. Jim is very hands on but is also business minded and will always be there to assist with any complications and provide a solution. 

Meet the team!

At Innotec we are a highly dedicated and passionate team. With team members from all over the UK we have a wide variety of personalities and skills to offer! Everybody at Innotec has a vision, and that vision is to build great relationships with customers and deliver outstanding customer service. All of our sales representatives have to undergo a training school, so they have the best knowledge and understanding on our products.
At Innotec head office we have Jim our Managing Director, Kate our Office Manager/Accounts Manager, James our Logistics Manager, Katherine our Office Assistant and Chloe our Administrative Coordinator. All of our office staff are unique characters who all have different interests, but all are highly organised and on the ball!