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Innotec Team

Are you still suffering from that constant dribble?


Black Bull Tape is a unique and solid, vulcanising tape activated by stretching, which fuses to form a homogenous, airtight and watertight protection after use. The product is perfectly suitable for the quick and accurate sealing of leaks.

Black Bull Tape is a fantastic tape for performing emergency repairs to leaking coolant hoses, fuel lines, radiator hoses, air ducts, pipes, etc. it perfectly adheres to wet surfaces and is also resistant to fuel and most chemicals.

In addition, Black Bull Tape is also perfect for establishing waterproof and insulating connections for electrical cabling and components.

Black Bull Tape does not contain glue, as a result of which the product is very clean to work with. Due to its vulcanising properties, Black Bull Tape can be used perfectly in places where hoses, tubes and pipes are subject to heat. Under these circumstances the product will not come loose.

Black Bull Tape comes in a handy jar with screw cap, so it can always be kept clean and has a long shelf life. The liner ensures a perfect separation between the layers.






















































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Innotec Supplies (UK) Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality technical chemical solutions.
With an impressive portfolio of over 300 different products ranging from Sealers, Adhesives, Primers, Lubricants, Cleaners, Tapes, SMART repair, Tools.
We have our very own highly trained direct sales team in numerous different locations throughout the country offering full UK coverage.
With our own research and development department we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of chemical technology.
Our website has been designed to assist you in finding the correct product whatever the job may be? But should you require any assistance then please do not hesitate to give our support staff a call who will be more than pleased to help.
Regards The Innotec Team.